Why Reload

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If you shoot centre-fire rifle or pistol then you may be interested in reloading your own ammunition

Here are a few good reasons

  1. you can load a far more accurate round than you can buy
  2. rounds can be tuned to suit your rifle
  3. you can vary the speed and the power of the rounds
  4. it gives you a great deal of satisfaction to shoot your own ammunition
  5. it is an enjoyable extension to the hobby.
  6. it can be as simple or complicated as you want.
  7. you can have as many bullets, cases, primers as you want, just don't assemble more than you can hold on your licence.
  8. you can buy premium grade bullets etc and assemble your own rounds for the same cost as you can buy surplus ammunition


Most people start with LEE reloading equipment which is comparatively cheap, easy to use and works well.

Get a copy of the Gun Mart magazine and have a look through, try the Sportsman in Devon (advertises in gun mart) they do equipment from the top 3 at good prices.

There is also a good deal of second hand equipment for sale through your local gun club, do not be too worried if small bits are missing, RCBS stock lots of parts for their presses, LEE can sell you parts or up-date kits for any product they have  made since 1958.

Check out their web site Lee Precision, Inc. Don't be put off by the "its cheap so its rubbish brigade", I have won many competitions using Lee equipment and have only bought   RCBS, etc equipment if I cannot get a LEE  product to do the same thing.

The best way to learn how to reload is to get someone to show you. Most clubs have someone who would be willing to help people get started. If you live in the Bristol area I would recommend

 Bristol Muzzle and Breach Loading Gun club . Although it is quite a large club it is friendly, range dates are well organised and varied. In any four week period you will see members shooting  black powder pistol/revolver, muzzle loading black rifles, black powder cartridge rifles, under lever rifles, long barrelled revolvers, small bore rifles, full bore rifles (veteran  through to ultra modern sniper rifles),