Cleaning Kit



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Bore snake


Fastest Gun Bore Cleaner, cleans gun bores in 10 seconds available in 30/308/300win mag etc, 338 (coming soon), 38/357, 44/45

Designated lubrication zone on the handle; brass weight on the pull cord is stamped with size

Multiple Bronze short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through the shortest action or port

The bore cleaner is washable, one-piece design, lightweight and compact, it's easy to take to even the most remote hunting destination  5.00







One Piece Rod .270 or above

Length 37 or 44 for cal .270 or above fits  Parker Hale / Bisley jags brushes mops etc. Special hardened and tempered steel core. Ball bearing handle. Brass fittings. Tough acetate protective covering to prevent barrel abrasion. . 19.00





One Piece Rod Length 44 .22


One Piece Rod Length 44 .22 Parker Hale Bisley. Special hardened and tempered steel core. Ball bearing handle. Brass fittings. Tough acetate protective covering to prevent barrel abrasion. Will not work with above DAC kit. 19.00




For brushes, jags and mops .45 cal and above look under the Black powder section


Phospher Bronze Brush .22 .240 .30 .35 .45

Available in .22 .240 .30 .35 .45 Parker Hale / Bisley fitting 5.50 Each



Brass Jags .22 .240 .30 .35

Available in .22  .240 .30 .35  Parker Hale / Bisley fitting 5.50 Each 



 Mops .22 .240 .30 .35

Available in .22  .240 .30 .35  Parker Hale / Bisley fitting 5.50 Each 





Pro-Shot Premium Stainless Micro-Polished Gun Cleaning Rods. 





Note that rod purchases include patch holder/brass jag only, not the muzzle guard or rod stop pictured above. various lengths available

Pro-Shot Cleaning Rods are manufactured by Pro-Shot with American Made exclusive spec Stainless Steel and have a proprietary mirror like jewelled finish.  A Pro-Shot rod is more dense and hardened due to added steps in our rod manufacturing processes. I stock rods in calibres .22, .22-.27. .30, 338.  It is still slightly less hard than barrel steel. prices from 37.00  



Pro-Shot Brass Jags .22, .25/6.5,  .30, .338, .35

Some Pro-shot Eraser tip Jags in stock for the same price

5.50 each







Pro-Shot Bronze Brushes .22, .25/6.5,  .30, .338, .35

5.50 each


Pro-Shot Nylon Brushes .22, .25/6.5,  .30, .338, .35

5.50 each


Pro-Shot Mops .22, .25/6.5,  .30, .338, .35

5.50 each



Boxed Shotgun Cleaning Kit 12g.


Two piece wooden rod, 1 x phosphor bronze brush, 1 x mop, 1 x plastic jag, 1 x gun oil and cleaning cloth. Supplied in a cardboard box. 24.00





Wood Shotgun Cleaning Kit 12g.

Two piece shotgun cleaning rod of varnished wood. Supplied with mop and phospher bronze brush. Parker Hale thread.  Exceptional value for money. 10.00




Set of 3 Shotgun Cleaning Brushes 12g.



Set of 3 shotgun brushes supplied on a blister pack. 1 x pure wool mop, 1 x bristle brush and 1 x phospher bronze brush. Parker Hale thread. 4.50




Split Brass Shotgun Jag 12g.



Parker Hale thread. 6.00



Four by two




 25 yards of  4 X 2  7.00






Cleaning Patches

Some precut patches in various sizes, mostly proshot. A few bags of the more popular sizes kept in stock.


Wipe Out - Patch Out (Liquid)

No-Brush, Foam Cleans Fast

Liquid bore cleaner quickly loosens carbon, copper, brass, bronze, black powder, and smokeless powder fouling, so it can wiped out of the bore fast and easily. Simply apply with a patch to the bore surface and allow to soak, or scrub in with a bore brush to create a foaming action that attacks stubborn fouling. Spout applicator puts the preferred amount of cleaner right where you want it without waste. Contains strong corrosion inhibitors to reduce the need for protective oil. Will remove some stock finishes. 15.00






Wipe Out - Foam

Brushless aerosol (foam) bore cleaning is an easy alternative to brushing and patching with a cleaning rod. Wipe-Out foam will remove copper fouling, carbon fouling, powder fouling, corrosives and moly build-up without brushing the bore. This product does require some sitting time to work - 60 minutes to overnight. Will not harm modern stock finishes, but will remove older shellac, varnish or oil finishes. Odorless and contains no acids or ammonia, prevents rust after cleaning. 18.00







Wipe Out Accelerator (Liquid)

Accelerator is not a cleaner by itself, but is formulated to speed up the fouling removal reaction of Patch- Out Bore Cleaner. Thorough cleaning with Patch-Out and Accelerator can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes, with no brushing of the bore. Do not use Accelerator with any other cleaning products, but this product is completely safe when used with Wipe-Out or Patch-Out. Available in 8 oz. flip top bottle. 11.00








Carb Out (Liquid)

Hard carbon fouling has always been a difficult cleaning problem, usually involving abrasive cleaners and lots of short-stroking the bore or throat area. Carb-Out is a very strong, carbon specific solvent which easily removes hard carbon deposits. Carb-out can also be swabbed through the barrel between relays or shot strings to lessen carbon foulding. Leaves a thin, sub micron rust preventative coating on barrel steel. Flammable Liquid. Available in an 8 oz. screw top can 14.00








Brunox Turbo Spray


 Highly effective and versatile maintenance spray. Displaces humidity, neutralises hand sweat and protects against corrosion. Loosens and helps remove residues inside the gun such as lead, powder tombac and nickel.  Excellent penetration properties; it will be formed a very thin, viscous protection film, which does not harden  (contains no silicone, no teflon, no graphite). Does not affect varnish, leather, wood, rubber, plastic and fabric. The additive TURBOLINE increases the gliding quality of all movable parts  300ml  9.60.

As above but in a screw top  bottle 100ml 7.20







Gt85 spray Non-sticky lubrication, effective penetrator, cleaner, water displacer, rustproofer, with PTFE. 400ml   3.50








Gun clean


Specially formulated to remove all nitro and black powder deposits. protects against further  corrosion from gunpowder deposits and rusting. Disperses water and applies a protective oily film. Removes gunpowder deposits from all guns and applies a rust inhibiting film to prevent corrosion. Available in 125ml long spout tin. 3.50










General purpose light mineral oil. Protects from rusting & corrosion. Available in 125ml long spout tin. 4.00








Gun degreasing spray



Will not harm blueing, chrome or engraving on any shotguns or airguns. Ensures complete removal of all oil and grease deposits prior to reblueing etc. Convenient and safe to use on all shotguns & airguns. Very effective at removing silicone oils and greases. Always use a high evaporation degreasing spray that does not leave a film on your barrel before re-blueing. Available in 150ml spray. 3.50







Various other cleaning products stocked including Butch's Bore shine and some KG stocked. Ask if you are after something in particular.



Wonderlube 1000 cleaning solvent

Wonder Lube 1000 PlusTM Blue Cleaner in a convenient spray bottle. Removes fouling and dissolves salts that are produced when PyrodexTM, Triple 7TM, or standard black powder is used. This product is environmentally safe and will not harm metal or wood surfaces. 8oz bottle. 5.00







Wheeler Engineering Liquid Applicator Brush


These 100% natural horsehair brushes are the perfect tools for application of small amounts of lubes, solvents, Heat Control Paste, blue and rust remover, fluxes and other liquid products in the shop. Each brush features a 1/2" wide head, bright metal handle, and is 6" in overall length. 0.50 

Lens Pen


Nikon Lens pen, has  a retractable natural hair brush to whisk away small particles and dust. The microfiber cleaning tip comes with a cleaning compound and makes quick work of cleaning up your binoculars or scope. 7.00