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How to load a Metallic Cartridge with black powder

I do not load Black powder metallic cartridges for rifles although I do reload Nitro metallic cartridge in 10 different calibres.

The following information is therefore information I have gleaned from other people who do shoot Black powder cartridges. The first thing I have learned when researching this subject is that there are about as many schools of thought on how to do it as there are people to ask. I will try to explain the main methods.

After resizing and priming the brass the powder load is dropped down a long drop tube in to the cartridge. (see Suitable charges)

Next you either:-

1) put a bullet that has lubricant in the groves around the bullet in to the case. (a card wad is sometimes put on top of the powder) or

2) put a card wad on top of the powder followed by a grease cookie, a further card wad and then an un-lubricated bullet.

A grease cookie is some black powder bullet lubricant that is rolled out until it is 1/8" to 1/4" thick and then cut in to circles that fit in to the case.

It should be remembered that the purpose of the lubricant is to keep the fouling soft, not to make the bullet slide up the barrel.

 For an in-depth introduction to black powder cartridge reloading follow this link  Introduction to Black Powder Cartridge Reloading. I downloaded it from the The Single Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Club of Great Britain web site.