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Fulcrum Extender

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Rear (Butt) Bags

These bags are used to support and steady the back of the rifle when shooting, particularly useful at long range. The bags are made of a high quality green corduroy material and filled with small plastic beads that are not affected by water, nor do the absorb it so your bag does not weigh a ton when wet, nor does it go hard.

The bag is used by placing under the butt of the rifle and adjusting the bipod until the sights are just slightly high of the target centre,  when in the shooting position the left hand (for right handed shooters) can genially squeezing the bag until sights are pointing at the centre of the target. 20.00

Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Filled

These innovative, high-quality leather and polyester Rear Shooting Bags function with most brands of front rests. The leather gives you a secure rest and the polyester, which will not stretch or sag, allows the bag to hold its shape. Medium-High Rear bag is perfect for use with the Fire Control Front Rest and other similar rests 47.00







Rear (Butt) Bags Rider

These bag Riders are used to give a support area to rifles that either have a small Picatinny rail at the back of the rifle or is going to have one retrofitted.

The bag rider gives a longer area for the butt of the rifle sits on.  The bags are made of an Aluminium Clamp to attach to the Picatinny rail and a Acetal rod,

The overall length is 150mm approx. It should be noted that  Acetal is a tough strong plastic but is not known for its smooth finish, it often feels and looks slightly matt and may have some surface scratches, the type of plastic was chosen for its durability rather than looks. 25.00





The Caldwell The Rock Deluxe shooting rest cannot be upgraded without drilling holes in the platform (See Below).

The best way to determine the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition is to shoot them from a solid bench, with a quality shooting rest. With precise repeatability of shots as your goal, The Rock Deluxe Front Rest is the right tool for the job. Out of Stock

Wide and stable footprint dispersed over 8.5lb rest, 13" diameter base.

Steel ram provides smooth and quick elevation adjustments.

Use the 3 levelling feet to level your rest on most any surface.

Fore-end cradle is designed to accept all Caldwell Deluxe Universal Front Rest Bags.

Filled Medium Varmint front bag included with the rest



The Rock BR will help you discover the true potential of your rifle and ammunition. This high-quality rest is designed for the highest accuracy-minded shooters around; bench rest competitors. 267.00

13lb product weight dispersed along 14" cast-iron footprint.

Fine elevation adjustments are possible through our ball bearing rotational system.

Cradle features a sturdy bag tensioning system for improved fore-end support.

Windage-adjustable cradle allows shooters to make smooth and precise corrections with fingertips.

Rest comes with both an unfilled 3-lobe bag for wide fore-ends and filled Medium Varmint front bag for sportier style fore-ends Upgrade for the CALDWELL THE ROCK DELUXE SHOOTING REST

This is an upgrade that can only be fitted by either a competent DIY person who is happy to drill and tap holes in the platform, or on purchase from


Reloading base plate Upgrade for the Caldwell Deluxe shooting rest 15.00 + Fitting 10.00

The Base plate is made of Pet-G engineering polymer and is approximately 100mm x 140 mm, it has an Aluminium guide/stop peg fitted to match up with the Rifle fore-end sled.

Fitting consists of drilling and tapping both ends of the platform to fix the two end pieces in the upright position to form protective ears, then the platform is drilled and tapped to fix base plate on to the platform Upgrade for the Caldwell ROCK BR COMPETITION FRONT SHOOTING REST


Reloading base plate Upgrade for the Caldwell competition front shooting rest 15.00

The Base plate is made of Pet-G engineering polymer and is approximately 100mm x 140 mm, it has an Aluminium guide/stop peg fitted to match up with the Rifle fore-end sled.

Fitting is easy and utilises pre-existing holes and supplied countersunk machine screws to mount the base plate to the platform. 

Reloading base plate Upgrade for the Caldwell Fire Control shooting rest 15.00

The Base plate is made of Pet-G engineering polymer and is approximately 100mm x 140 mm, it has an Aluminium guide/stop peg fitted to match up with the Rifle fore-end sled.

Fitting is easy and utilises pre-existing holes and supplied countersunk machine screws to mount the base plate to the platform. 


 Universal Base Plate Upgrade Universal Base Plate Upgrade 18.00

The  rifle sled shown  in the right hand picture is not included with the base but is available separately as detailed below





The Base plate is made of Pet-G engineering polymer and is approximately 150mm wide x 140 mm, it has an Aluminium guide/stop peg fitted to match up with the Rifle fore-end sled.

The 2 countersunk 5mm holes are approximately 100mm apart and are designed for two 5mm attachment bolts.

Fitting is easy, you need to drill two 5mm holes in your existing front rest platform and bolt the base plate to it using two 5 mm countersunk nuts and bolts. The bolts can be purchased at any good DIY store or EBay. Rifle Fore-end Sled







The Fore-end sled is manufactured from Pet-G engineering polymer and is approximately 90mm x 140 mm. It has an aluminium Picatinny rail clamp on the top which allows it to be mounted securely to the rifle. The slot is 10mm wide. 20.00

If you are entering Bench rest competitions that have a maximum width restriction of 75mm or 3" please state at the time of ordering and a narrower sled will be supplied.

The sled can also be supplied with a different size slot or without any slot.

If you do not have a Picatinny rail on your rifle please look further down the page where they are listed along with levelling wedges if needed.



Second hand Caldwell Fire Control Front rest with reloading upgrades and rifle sled

These pictures are of the Actual rest you are buying

The Rest  has been used in the development of the bench plate and fore-end sled including several trips to the range where it has been used to test the system. It has been fitted with upgraded screws to the front and rear allowing for more travel.

The screws have also been fitted with larger bases so it does not sink in to soft surfaces as much. The platform and sled is the final pre-production unit and is unused as the original test platform was in what ever colours I had around rather than the black and grey. the rest is in good condition overall with one or two minor paint chips. The rest is also supplied with all the original front rest/sand bags and attachment screws  New this unit including the upgrades would be a 463.00. The  second-hand price is 350.00  Now Sold










Built with the Bench rest shooter in mind the Fire Control Front Rest utilizes a massive 15 x 11.5 cast iron base. Overall weight approximately 18lbs.

Machine hardened steel gear rack for coarse elevation adjustment. Elevation knob securely locks into position. Cast iron base provides rock-solid stability. Spiked stainless steel levelling feet


Fulcrum Extender  models come with a "It works Guarantee" If you fit the extender to your rifle and any component bends or breaks  on your rifle under fair wear and tear or plain doesn't work it will be replaced or your money refunded within one year of purchase. P/P is not included, nor is unfair wear and tear such as attaching it to a 50 cal or any  bipod that can't slide flex under recoil, not heeding any warnings listed etc, in other words not using that rare commodity common sense.

What are the differences between the Fulcrum extender junior and Fulcrum extender Senior? 

The Junior kit is a good choice when used  on one rifle or rifles that have the same length from the rear mount to the end of the barrel, the senior is the best choice when used on several different length rifles.

The Junior  is not easily adjustable for length as there is no telescopic mechanism the senior has a telescopic mechanism, (compensates for different rifles)

The rifle tilt due to uneven ground is a function of the bipod attached not the Junior extender . The senior can rotate around the tube clamping so can be used with a fixed bipod without a swivel head.

The bipod on the junior is attached to the bottom of the tube so adds to the overall height of the rifle by 5cm rather than around 1cm for the senior which attaches to the top of the tube.

The Junior tube is 3cm for its entire length rather than 3.5cm and 3 cm on the senior.

The Junior comes with a clamp on 6 slot Picatinny rail  and a kit to fit a sling swivel,  the senior version is available with many quick change adaptors.

The Junior fits a 9 slot Picatinny rail the senior fits a 13 slot Picatinny rail.

The junior comes with  3 cornered clamping knobs the senior comes with clamping levers that can be pulled out and rotated  for angle if pointing the wrong way or just to line up.

The Senior is far more flexible than the junior version but is 100.00 more



Fulcrum Extender Junior KIT 99.00












 The Fulcrum Extender Junior kit has been manufactured in response to people wanting a cheaper version of the Fulcrum Extender detailed below.

What you get: You get a kit of parts that can be assembled in around 10 minutes in to the Fulcrum extender Junior consisting of a 50cm Tube (60 cm on request) that can be cut down if needed, a one piece 3cm mount to attach the tube to the bottom of your rifle, a front mount with a 6 slot Picatinny rail ready for a bipod and 2 push in tube caps. You also get a 9 slot Picatinny rail to attach to the bottom of your rifle and 3 levelling wedges to get rid of any slope you may have on the stock of your rifle. The Bipod shown on the picture above showing it attached to a rifle is available below.  Harris bipods will require you to use the supplied kit to drill and fit a sling swivel. the sling swivel kit consists of drill guide, drill spanner, sling swivel and ny-lock nut. NOW includes the  Picatinny Rail Upgrade kit in addition to the standard clamp on Picatinny rail.   This kit allows you to fix a 5 slot Picatinny rail to the main tube using 2 bolts. The kit consists of a drill bit, drill jug, spacer, Picatinny rail,  nuts and bolts, spanner and instructions. You will need a cordless drill and some sticky tape to stop the drilling jugs from moving when you drill the mounting holes.


Fulcrum Extender Senior. 199.00

Now supplied with wedge set and Picatinny rail free of charge (worth 15.00)

Fulcrum senior extender Operating instructions are here



Shown with a FireWolf bipod and fitted  to a 26" barrelled rifle  , Neither are included in this sale.












The Fulcrum Extender is designed to allow you to move your bipod forward to the end of your barrel thus moving the fulcrum.  When shooting accurately you want the  end of the barrel pointing at the target with as little movement as possible, if you look at a seesaw you will notice the two ends go up and down but the pivot point (fulcrum) stays at the same height and moves very little. With a bipod attached to your rifle in the usual position the stock is at one end of the seesaw with the barrel at the other end, both rotate around the bipod. By moving the bipod to the end of the barrel the  rifle is only one end of the seesaw with the end of the barrel at the pivot point. Movement is greatly reduced. The fulcrum extender is made in two lengths so is suitable for any rifle barrel from 12" to 34"+.  If you  measure from where the Picatinny rail will attach to the rifle to the end of the barrel I can supply a fulcrum extender of the right length.

As the rifle is now supported at the ends only all the weight of the rifle is  keeping the rifle stable and reducing felt recoil and muzzle jump. This unit has been successfully tested on 338 Lapua magnum.


 Please note the tube clamp must be very tight especially on high recoiling rifles, Failure to keep this clamp tight will result in the tubes  sliding apart under recoil and possibly scratching the finish. This is not covered under warranty


Due to the way you attach the bipod to this device you only gain approximately 1/2 inch 12/14mm underneath the rifle so you can use the same bipod as you are already using.

Requires a 13 slot Picatinny rail on the bottom of your rifle for the fulcrum extender to attach too.

Different Bipod adaptors  are available depending how your bipod attaches . Please state how your bipod attaches to your rifle so the correct adaptor can be supplied.

One adaptor is supplied as standard although not shown in pictures below.

Additional adaptors are available at 15.00 each.

Operating instructions are here


13 slot Picatinny rail


13 slot Picatinny rail  10.00  (screws or bolts are not supplied)

Attach to the bottom of your stock with bolts or screws if the bottom of your stock is parallel with the barrel


13 slot Picatinny rail  plus Levelling wedge Kit

13 slot Picatinny rail plus 3 levelling wedges 15.00  (screws or bolts are not supplied)

If the bottom of your stock is not parallel with the barrel the levelling wedges can be used to correct this.

The levelling wedge kit consists of one 13 slot picatinny rail, one 2.5mm high wedge, one 5mm high wedge and one 10mm high wedge, the wedges can also be combined to make 7.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm and 17.5mm, Additional wedge packs are available at 5.00 per pack. The wedges are solid plastic (PetG) and could be drilled with additional holes for different rails but are designed to fit the 13 slot picatinny rails supplied by They are 137mm x 16mm x various heights and have 3 x 5mm holes.




Special Offer,  Senior Fulcrum Extender KIT 280.00 Just add rifle.


I shoot with one of these at ranges up to 1000 meters or 1KM and found a real difference in accuracy over a standard bipod.

Even at 100 yards there is a noticeable difference. Wish I had one years ago.













The Kit is every thing you need except the rifle and comprises of

A Fulcrum extender

 Firewolf long range Bipod.

13 slot Picatinny rail plus 3 levelling wedges  to ensure the  Picatinny rail is parallel with the barrel. (screws or bolts are not supplied)