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Mail Order  minimum of 10.00 Insured p/p  (less than 100.00 value, zone 1, more than 100 and  less than 500.00 is 14.00)

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Shop (NEW):


 Upgraded 3kg rotary tumbler. Running at its slowest speed is ideal for coating bullets or cleaning Brass (supplied large wheels added)

Ideal small tumbler for coating bullets or small batch brass cleaning, UK Plug


Under "Shop-Bullet coating, or Shop-Case Cleaning"









Martini Henry Neck Sizing Dies now back in stock. See under Shop - Martini Henry


Senior Fulcrum Extender KIT 280.00 Just add rifle.

Includes  Fulcrum extender senior, Adaptor for the Firewolf bipod, Firewolf Bipod, Levelling wedges, Picatinny rail and Carrying bag.

Under "Shop-Bipods 1 etc



Eyesight aid (this aid will sharpen you sight picture)

Under "Shop-sights-optics"

Shooting glasses not included.



Demonstrator Reloading Presses at second hand prices. Grab yourself a bargain. Under "Shop-Reloading tools 1

Caldwell Front Rifle Rests Several of the higher end Caldwell rifle rests more suited to the serious shooter.. Under "Shop-Bipods 1 etc"

Upgrade Kits for Caldwell Bench Rest and Fire Control  Rifle rests. Custom platforms and rifle sleds to fit these Caldwell rests. Under "Shop-Bipods 1 etc"

Grouping Gauges. A variety of grouping gauges in various calibres. Available in MOA but Mill Rads available on request. Custom Gauges manufactured on request. under "Shop-Range Gear"

Ruger Old Army Nipples Now stocking the  Original Hexagonal Ruger Old Army nipples or the Ruger Old Army Nipple to fit the standard slotted nipple key. Nipple keys for both types also available look under "Shop- Blackpowder"

Bullet Lube Now selling our own brand of Patch lube, a more solid Lube for covering the ball in a BP revolver and a solid lube for Pan lubing your bullets or cutting Grease cookies under "Shop- Blackpowder"

Brown Bess and other .75 Cal firearms Now stocking .75 cal jags mops and brushes and 5 thou dry patches, Ram rods also made to order (collection only) under "Shop- Brown Bess"

Martini Henry, Ganhendra and Francotte shooting supplies under  "Shop - Martini Henry".

Snider shooting supplies under "Shop - sniders"


Shooting Information on Target shooting and how to do it, Shooting with Black powder, Making Black powder storage boxes (plans etc), Useful guides to firearms, security and powder storage legislation, Bristol shooting clubs, Marksman qualification program and more, Take a look.


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