3D Printed parts



On this page you will find a selection of reloading equipment that have been 3D printed.

Please note 3D Printed parts are very difficult to photograph, they are built up of layers of plastic .02 mm thick, these reflect the light and make the pictures look odd, The colour of the Gray parts may change to Red.


Powder Measure sieve lid

This device sits on the top of your Lee powder  measure instead of the lid. When you have to take a round apart with a kinetic you simply remove the brass case and empty the hammer in to the sieve. the powder flows through the holes back in to the powder measure allowing you to recover the bullet and powder easily. The holes in the bottom are 5mm so will catch all bullets .223 upwards. 8.00.

This device could be made to fit other manufacturers powder measures but you would have to send me the diameter of the pot and the wall thickness 10.00






Powder Die Stand.

This die stand has been designed to hold the standard reloading 7/8 x 14 dies. This is useful if you are trickling your powder load on to scales. You can then place the case up inside a powder through die and pour the powder from the powder scale pan in to the case. This is much easier than holding the case a funnel and the powder pan. 10.00

You will either need a powder through die with a funnel in the top  or a powder die as shown in the picture on the far left (not included)

It should be noted that the threads in the top of the stand are not as well defined front and back when compared to side to side, this is due to the printing process.

Basically the stand is printed on its back and the thread especially at the top has to be printed on air. However the threads do work and the die is held securely.  








The powder stand is available in 2 options

Option A (Left) Has 2 screw holes so it can be screwed down.

Option B  (Right) Has a block of plastic on the bottom that can be held in a vice

Powder Through dies not included and shown for illustrative purposes only






Powder Through Die

These dies are available in 338 Lapua, 300 Win Mag and 308 Winchester (Other sizes can be made if you send me an empty brass case) 8.00

These dies have a built in funnel and will screw in to any standard press that used the standard 7/8 x 14 die size, or in to the Powder die stand (shown above)

These are not load bearing parts

Please state which size when ordering.

The dies shown are printed in a silver grey plastic. The camera has distorted the image slightly the 2 outside ones do not lean in real life.


Large Bore Powder Funnel


This funnel is ideal for poring powder back in to the bottle. The large bore ensures that the powder does not clog the funnel. 5.00