Molly Coating



Moly Bullet coating

Moly is a high pressure lubricant that will coat your bullets and coat your barrel as you shoot.

Claims made by various manufactures of Moly coated bullets include

 More consistent bullet speeds, Less pressure in the chamber, improved accuracy, little or no copper fouling, firearms are easier to clean and requires dry patches only, barrel life is substantially increased.


Reloading Moly Bullet Coating Kit See price list below















If you have a vibrating case cleaning tumbler that uses corn cob grains or walnut shell grains, then this kit is all you need to coat thousands of bullets.

The kit consists of one 400 ml plastic container with screw lid, one 250ml container with screw lid, a role of plastic tape, a measuring spoon and a 6 oz container of Lymans Super Moly Powder.

Instructions for use.

1) take the most suitable size  plastic container and fill with bullets packed as tight as you can get them,.

2)Screw the lid on and give the container a shake, add more bullets until they can only just move.  

3) Using the spoon put in one rounded spoonful of the moly powder in the small container or two rounded spoonfuls in the large container.

4) Screw the lid on tight and tape the lid shut by running the plastic tape around the seam between the container lid and the body of the container (one and a half time around will be enough) .If  the top comes off it will ruin the tumbling media and the tumbler bowl.

5) Put the container in the cleaning media of your bullet tumbler for 3 or 4 hours. Do not clean any brass at the same time

6) Take out your container/s which have gone from transparent to a silver grey colour, (moly sticks to everything)

7) Open container and tip bullets out onto newspaper and rub off excess moly. Use disposable gloves or extra newspaper as it is very messy.

8) Use bullets to reload as per normal.




Lyman 6 oz Super Moly Powder See price list below



Lyman Super Moly and is perfect for the reloader that wants to shoot moly coated bullets or is currently shooting moly coated bullets.









Description of product Price Comments
Reloading Molly coating Kit 40.00 Everything you need to coat 1000s of bullets using your case tumbler
Roll of plastic tape 2.50  
Additional Custom made measuring spoon 2.50  
Additional 250ml Container 2.50  
Additional 400ml Container 2.50  
Lyman 6 oz Super Moly powder.  30.00